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Dickie Toys is a toy licensee for the many different characters from the film and TV world.  Fireman Sam, Lightning McQueen and Sponge Bob have been extremely successful for a long time, particularly because of their global fan following, and have therefore also been included in the Dickie Toys product range. Be it battery operated, cable controlled or remote controlled, Dickie Toys brings characters to life and guarantees that children will have enjoyable journeys into the realms of fantasy.

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RC Cars 3 Fabulous Lightning McQueen

"Dickie Toys Cars 3 Fabulous Lightning McQueen: Every fan will want it!
In the new movie Cars 3, Lightning McQueen is once again a
crafty and lovable racing car with plenty of character. And the Dickie Toys Cars 3 Ultimate Lightning McQueen is just the same. The
remote-controlled toy car looks the same as the character in the film, and has a 3-channel radio remote-control system (2.4 GHz) and
countless functions that will inspire all kinds of different play ideas. In addition to the full driving functions and switchable
turbo, children aged five years and upwards can let the vehicle drift around a bend. The speedster can carry out an impressive
doughnut turn to mark its arrival or in celebration of a victory. This sees Lightning drift in a circle with harmless smoke, produced
by the water tank, rising from it – just like its larger role model in races. When the start simulator is switched on, the speedster
really gets revved up. And there's more: With the parking function, the racing car can be parked at the push of a button. And since
Lightning is never quiet, the talking ultimate racer is able to issue his typical Ka-chow cry, as well as generate other lights and
sounds at the touch of a button. Once the batteries have been inserted, every Cars fan's dream can come true in the play room.
• RC
Cars 3 Fabulous Lightning McQueen
• Toy car with 3-channel radio remote control (2.4 GHz)
• Full driving functions
• Drifts on a
• Doughnut turn after a victory or on arrival
• Smoke function using the water tank
• Start simulation
• Park function
• Turbo
• Light and sound function
• ""Ka-chow"" speech generation
• Range up to 25 m
• Batteries: not included
• Scale: 1:16

Length: 26 cm
• Age recommendation: 5+ years"

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