Dickie Toys Sea Jet: boats just can't keep up!

When it comes to fast-paced fun in the water, a jetski far outdoes any boat. That applies to the toy versions too. The Dickie Toys Sea Jet is a battery-operated jetski that ploughs happily through the water . Dressed in a wetsuit and cool helmet, a driver figure makes it look even more realistic. The jetski is available in two different designs. It's ready to be tested out on the water just as soon as the batteries have been put in. Rounded corners and a sturdy design mean that small obstacles bobbing around on the surface of the water don't cause the jetski any problems. Children can have fun races on a pond or lakeside – at the same time as discovering just how a jetski works.

  • toy jetski
  • choice of two models
  • includes driver figure
  • fully buoyant
  • battery-operated
  • length: 18 cm
  • recommended age: 3-5 years

Sea Jet

  • Article number: 203772003
  • Age recommendation: 3 - 5 years
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