Dickie Toys Scania Snow Plow Truck – The emergency snow-clearing service! There’s no way through the snow, but help is on the way:
The Scania Snow Plow Truck from Dickie Toys can clear the streets in no time. The cool pickup truck from the Winter series is designed
for children aged 3 and above and features a moving detachable shovel as well as fascinating light and sound effects. The salt
container can be filled with salt to grit the roads during the truck’s journey. The colourful vehicle is 19 cm long and made from a
premium die-cast material. Use the Scania Snow Plow Truck and other Dickie Toys vehicles to invent creative play scenarios with your
little one and improve their fine motor skills!

• Snow-clearer with free-rolling wheels
• Die-cast cabin
• Light and sound effects
• Manoeuvrable shovel, can be detached from vehicle
• Salt container can be filled with salt for gritting the roads
• Length: 19 cm
• Batteries included
• Recommended age: 3+

Scania Snow Plow Truck

  • Article number: 203782000
  • Age recommendation: 3 - 7 years
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