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Time to target the crooks: Police Porsche 911 in action!

Whether engaged on a wild chase or roadside checks: police officers are always ready to intervene for a good cause. They are responsible for maintaining order on the roads and in general. With the Dickie Toys SOS Police Porsche with blue light, young police officers have right on their side. Modelled closely on the full-scale vehicle, the model is operated by cable remote control, which is easy for little hands to hold and allows the car to be steered forward in a straight line and corner in reverse. Simply get in and go - at full speed with the blue light to the next crime scene! The toy gives children the chance to feel like real heroes and explore the life of a police officer through play. Bring excitement to imaginative play and discover the big world of the SOS range at Dickie Toys!

• cable remote control

• light effects

• forwards: straight

• backwards: turn

• length: 13 cm

• recommended age: 3-5 years

Porsche 911 Police

  • Article number: 203712012
  • Age recommendation: 3 - 5 years
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