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Hot on the heels of criminals: playtime action with the SOS Police Patrol Car!

Following evidence and putting criminals behind bars: lots of children dream of pulling on a police officer's uniform and demonstrating their courage.

With the Dickie Toys SOS Police Patrol Car youngsters can become the heroes of their own imaginary world. With blue light and siren blaring, the freewheel car speeds to the scene of the crime. But there's more to discover when they arrive: in a matter of seconds the toy opens up into a case. Inside are handcuffs, dummy walkie talkies, an official badge, ID card, whistle and truncheon. Everything the young police officer needs for a realistic re-enactment of his role model's work in the course of his duty. So children get a first-hand taste of a police operation. The toy from the SOS range makes a perfect gift idea that combines fun with learning.

Inspire the imagination of your budding police officer and bring toys with an educational edge into the playroom!

  • freewheel mechanism
  • light and sound effects
  • case containing extensive accessories
  • length: 33 cm
  • recommended age: 3-5 years

Police Squad Push&Play

  • Article number: 203716005
  • Age recommendation: 3 - 5 years
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