Dickie Toys Happy Fendt Plow: He who sows joy will reap knowledge

At first glance, the Happy Fendt Plow from Dickie Toys is another successful play idea for children aged one and over. Because the typical child-friendly Happy Design with rounded corners and a colourfast and saliva-proof surface has also been perfectly realised with this toy tractor with trailer made under licence from Fendt.

Looked at more closely, this new piece in the collection offers numerous opportunities to learn important things about the world and about life. The trailer can easily be attached and taken off, while the plow moves up and down while driving.

The trailer also provides a container for sand, which runs out as “seed” from a small hole while driving. Lights and sounds raise the functionality to an even higher level of learning.

Because with the Happy Fendt Plow, children learn something about physical interrelationships, they understand colours and shapes, sensory impressions and their own motor skills — and that quite literally.

And they also discover the fun of playing independently.

• toy car with freewheel made under original licence from Fendt

• tractor with plow

• plow moves up and down while driving

• trailer can be separated from the tractor and has a sand-scattering feature

• lights and sounds

• ergonomic design — rounded corners and edges

• colourfast and saliva-proof

• no swallowable small parts

• length 30 cm

• age recommendation: 1 year+

Happy Fendt Plow

  • Article number: 203815003
  • Age recommendation: up from 1 year
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