Dickie Toys Happy Fendt Katana: Out to harvest!
The Dickie Toys Happy Fendt Katana is slightly unconventional for a toy vehicle.
Harvesters are not a common sight in urban areas, which makes this Fendt-inspired version for young children aged 12 months and above
even more exciting. The toy vehicle has rolling wheels and features a shredding machine with a rotating shredding arm that makes a
rattle sound. The swivel arm for loading the harvest also functions as a carry handle that is ergonomically designed for small hands.
The exterior design features a pair of large eyes and rounded edges for maximum fun and enjoyment.

• Toy harvester with rolling wheels
• Shredding machine with rattle
• Swivel arm also functions as carry handle
• License: Fendt
• Length: 30 cm
• Recommended age: 12 months and above

Happy Fendt Katana Harvester

  • Article number: 203815009
  • Recommended age: 12 months and above
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