Ford Mustang Music Racer – a redesigned classic

How can you make the Ford Mustang even better? By reinterpreting it as a music racer, just as Dickie Toys has done. The toy car has a motor for moving forwards and backwards. When the light and the sound effects are used, things get really exciting. The classic car has a horn, can make engine noises and also play music, to which it sways while moving. Sound exciting? That's because it is! This is what car fans aged three years and upwards have been waiting for.

• Ford Mustang Music Racer

• Motorised for forwards and backwards movement

• Light and sound features (horn, engine noise, music)

• Sways to the music

• Length: 23 cm

• Batteries included

• Age recommendation: 3+

Music Racer

  • Article number: 203764003
  • Age recommendation: 3 - 6 years
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