Dickie Toys Playlife-Lawn Mower Set: this is where real life is played!
Dickie Toys’s Playlife series brings real life into your child’s bedroom — with vehicles and ideas for playing that are simply fun. The Dickie Toys Playlife-Lawnmower Set consists of a Honda HF2622 THE with freewheel, lovingly converted into a kid-friendly shape, a matching play figure and a leaf blower as well as lawn trimmer. The mower can move and the basket at the rear can be opened. This 1:24 scale vehicle is suitable for children three years and over who’d like to explore the world of technology in the house, garden and on the street.

• Honda HF2622 THE lawnmower with freewheel, play figure and accessories
• openable basket
• moveable mower
• with lawn trimmer and grass blower
• 1:24 scale
• length: 12.5 cm
• age recommendation: 3 years+

Playlife - Lawn Mower Set

  • Article number: 203832004
  • age recommendation: 3 years+
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