"Dickie Toys Transformers M5 Barricade Robot: New ideas for the Transformers world!

The fifth film in the Transformers series marks a

turning point in their history. What this turning point is will be revealed at the cinema. The Dickie Toys Transformers M5 Barricade

Robot is a fantastic toy robot to accompany the film that impresses with its level of detail. The high-quality and durable die-cast

metal housing is as fascinating as the moveable arms and legs. Children over 3 years are sure to be delighted with every member of

Dickie Toys' new Transformers M5 toy collection.


• Transformers M5 Barricade Robot

• Toy robot

• High-quality die-cast metal housing

Moveable arms and legs

• Scale 1:64

• Length: 6 cm

• Age recommendation: 3 years+"

Transformers The Last Knight Baricade Robot Figure

  • Article number: 203111012
  • Age recommendation: from 3 years
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