Fireman Sam Titan: The bathtub becomes a world of adventure!

With Titan by Dickie Toys, the smallest pond is transformed into a vast ocean, because the remote lifeboat turns it into the sea off Pontypandy. Here Sam and his friends experience many adventures. The fire boat can move left, right, forwards and backwards. At the touch of a button, water spouts from the water hose at the front. It works using a pump and a suction pipe, so the boat doesn't need a tank. Fireman Sam stands next to the water cannon as a toy figure, ready to jump into action. The boat also has a searchlight. Make children's eyes light up with the high-quality toys in the Fireman Sam Series by Dickie Toys.

  • Toy boat with remote control
  • Full driving function and searchlight
  • Remote-controlled water cannon
  • Sam" toy figure
  • Batteries: not included
  • Transmitter: 3x 1.5V LR03; Receiver: 4x 1.5V LR6
  • Length: 29 cm
  • Age recommendation: 4-7 years

RC Fireman Sam Titan

  • Article number: 203099621
  • Age recommendation: 4 - 7 years
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