Fireman Sam Theme Set – the only thing missing are the adventures In the Fireman Sam Theme Set, Dickie Toys has gathered together all the popular characters from the long-running Fireman Sam series as high-quality die-cast free-wheeling vehicles. Jupiter, Phoenix and Wallaby 2 are equipped for every rescue mission in Pontypandy. Naturally, Sam as the main character needs to be included as well! In addition, a lot of accessories are included, with which children aged 3 years and upwards can create endless new adventures. The set will inspire children to come up with their own play ideas and complements the different Dickie Toys Fireman Sam playsets perfectly.

 • Fireman Sam Die-Cast Theme Set

• Free-wheeling

• Jupiter, Phoenix, Wallaby 2, Sam figure 4 cm and accessories

• Length: 7 cm

• Age recommendation: 3+

Fireman Sam Theme Set

  • Article number: 203096005
  • Age recommendation: from 3 years
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