"Dickie Toys Cars 3 Ultimate Lightning McQueen: Every fan wants this!

In the new Cars 3 film, Lightning McQueen is again a cunning and adorable racing car with plenty of character. And this can be seen too in Cars 3 Ultimate Lightning McQueen from Dickie Toys. Indeed, the toy car with a 3-channel RC system (2.4 GHz) comes with plenty of functions that inspire numerous ideas for play. Besides the full driving function and easily activated turbo, children aged five and above can drift the car around corners. The sportster can do impressive donuts as a greeting or on winning. During this manoeuvre, Lightning drifts in a circle and harmless smoke produced by the water tank rises up – just as with real-size cars in motor racing. Or you turn on the simulated start, which revs the sportster powerfully. Still not enough? Then don’t forget the park function. This parks the racing car at the touch of a button. And because Lightning never shuts his trap, the talking ultimate racer attracts attention with his typical ka-chow catchphrase as well as light and sound at a button press. Once the additionally required batteries are inserted, the dream of every car fan in the playroom can get going.

• RC Cars 3 Ultimate Lightning McQueen

• Toy car with 3-channel RC system (2.4 GHz)

• Full driving function

• Drifts around corners

• Donuts after a win or as a greeting

• Smoke produced by water tank

• Start simulation

• Park function

• Turbo function

Light and sound function

• Voice output ""ka-chow""

• Range of up to 25 m

• Batteries: not included

• Scale: 1:16

• Length: 26 cm

Recommended age: 5+ years

RC Cars 3 Ultimate Lightning McQueen

  • Article number: 203086005
  • Age recommendation: from 5 years
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