Dickie Toys Cars 3 Ultimate Feature Jackson Storm: The new star in the racing and RC sky!
Even though Jackson Storm is the rival of
Lightning McQueen in the new Cars 3 hit movie, the futuristic sportster is expected to win many fans. And these fans from five years
upwards will experience many exciting hours of play in their own racing universe with Dickie Toys Cars 3 Ultimate Feature Jackson
Storm. The 3-channel RC system (2.4 GHz) coordinates the numerous breath-taking manoeuvres: Besides full driving functions, Jackson
can also step on the gas by activating the turbo function. Also absolutely thrilling is the drift function that allows the little
sportster to drift around corners while realistic smoke rises from the tyres. The sportster can do impressive donut turns as a
greeting or on winning. During this manoeuvre, Jackson drifts in a circle and harmless smoke produced by the water tank rises up –
just as with real-size cars in motor racing. In the simulated start the sportster is revved powerfully. Despite being an RC toy car,
light and sound make Jackson seem almost as multifaceted as the character in the film. Once the action is over, he uses the park
function. Depending on the environment, the radio link has a range of up to 25 metres and only the additionally needed batteries must
be inserted.

• Toy car with 3-channel RC system (2.4 GHz)
• Full driving function
• Drifts in corners
• Donuts after a win or as a greeting
• Smoke produced by water tank
• Start simulation
• Park function
• Turbo function
• Light and sound function
• Range of up to 25 m
• Batteries: not included
• Scale: 1:16
• Length: 26 cm
• Recommended age: 5+ years

RC Cars 3 Ultimate Jackson Storm

  • Article number: 203086007
  • Age recommendation: from 5 years
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