"Cars 3 Jackson Storm Single Drive: Can Lightning McQueen beat him?

How time passes by: In Cars 1, Lightning McQueen was still the newest star on the racing scene. In Cars 3, Jackson Storm has now taken on this role. Can the popular red sportster contend against the new hi-tech car? That will be decided at the cinema. And also with Dickie Toys Jackson Storm Single Drive in the playroom. The RC

toy car (40 MHz) in the authentic look of the new opponent can move forward in a straight line and backwards in a curve – batteries are not included. Depending on the environment, the range can be up to 10 metres. Who indeed will win the race?

• RC Cars 3 Jackson Storm Single Drive

• 1-channel RC toy car (40 MHz)

• Moves forwards in a straight lie, backwards in a curve

• Range of up to 10 m

Batteries: not included

• Scale 1:32

• Length: 14 cm

• Recommended age: 3+ years"

RC Cars 3 Jackson Storm Single Drive

  • Article number: 203081001
  • Age recommendation: 3 - 6 years
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