"Dickie Toys Happy Fendt Loader: So how does that work?

The Dickie Toys Happy Fendt Loader with its moveable shovels at the front and back page raises for discussion one of the most important questions, a question that invites children one year and over to discover their world: namely, how does that work? The front shovel of the toy car with freewheel moves up and down at the push of a button, while the rear one can be raised or lowered manually.

Thanks to its child-friendly Happy Design, it’s a lot of fun to explore this toy car with freewheel made under licence from Fendt, and for children then to develop their own playing ideas. All corners and edges are easy to hold on to and safely rounded, and the model is colourfast and saliva-proof. Two traffic cones, as are also found in real life, complete the set.

These are also designed with the safety of kids one year and over in mind.

• toy car with freewheel made under original licence from Fendt

• shovel excavator with loader and shovel arm

• front shovel moves at the push of a button, rear shovel can be moved manually

• includes two traffic cones

• ergonomic design — rounded corners and edges

• colourfast and saliva-proof

• no swallowable small parts

• length: 21 cm

• age recommendation: 1 year+

Happy Fendt Loader

  • Article number: 203814013
  • Age recommendation: up from 1 year
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