Fire extinguisher to the ready - with the SOS fire engine!

Firefighters earn a great deal of well-deserved admiration with their bravery. No sooner has the emergency call been made, than they rush to the scene of the incident and fight alongside each other to save peoples' lives.

The Dickie Toys SOS Fire Engine puts children into the role of their heroes. With blue light and sound effects that can be switched on and off, the fire engine with ladder drives to the scene of the incident. Budding fire fighters wage war on the fire with the manual water hose. The moving parts on this MAN fire engine make the imagined scenario even more realistic. Whether playing alone or with friends - budding fire fighters get a child's perspective of the heroic lifesavers with toys from the SOS range.

Experience the fun of the SOS vehicles from Dickie Toys and thrill your children with this high-quality fire engine!

  • friction-driven
  • light and sound effects
  • manual fireman's hose
  • moving parts
  • batteries: 2 x 1.5V R6, included
  • length: 31 cm
  • recommended age: 3-5 years

City Fire Engine

  • Article number: 203715001
  • Age recommendation: 3 - 5 years
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