Dickie Toys On-site Hauler: Keeps cargo secure!
The Dickie Toys On-site Hauler was designed with one overriding idea in mind: How can
we make our toy Volvo vehicles more realistic and functional? The result was this toy truck, which features rolling wheels and a
moving hinged axis behind the driver’s cabin. Thanks to this axis, the vehicle can adapt to all types of surface, such as sand. Cargo
can be loaded into the moving container and emptied onto the toy construction site. The open cabin houses a lovingly designed interior
with detailed features. Designed for children aged 3 and above, the Dickie Toys On-site Hauler is guaranteed to keep your little one
entertained for hours on end.

• Toy hauler with rolling wheels
• Moving hinged axis behind the driver’s cab
• Moving loading surface
• Open cabin
• License: Volvo
• Length: 26 cm
• Recommended age: 3 and above

Volvo On-site Hauler

  • Article number: 203724001
  • Age recommendation: 3+
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