Dickie Toys Volvo Micro Workers: heavy equipment for demanding tasks

With the Dickie Toys Volvo Micro Workers, difficult jobs on Toy Town’s construction sites now become really easy: because the steamroller, demolition vehicle, earth mover, digger and dump truck in this five-part set are up for anything! Made under licence, these toy cars with freewheel have been designed down to the last detail based on the original Volvo models.

Each vehicle has typical moving parts: the steamroller’s roller rotates, the wrecking ball swings back and forth, the earthmover and excavator have a movable shovel and the dump truck has a tiltable payload area.

This set, with vehicles 10 cm in length, is a great gift idea for builders three years and over.

• toy cars with freewheel in a 5-pack set

• licence: Volvo

• steamroller, demolition vehicle, earthmover, excavator, dump truck

• moving parts that match the vehicle type

• length: 10 cm

• age recommendation: 3 years+

Volvo Micro Workers

  • Article number: 203722008
  • Age recommendation: up from 3 years
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