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Air Pump Tow Truck: a clear run, even with a breakdown!

The Air Pump Tow Truck from Dickie Toys brings the excitement of the road into the playroom. The toy truck gets to the scene of the accident on the play mat immediately and is all ready to take the car that comes with the set to the garage. The pneumatic winch can be operated by pressing on the knob and operating the lever. So there are no batteries needed, and you'll be helping to train your child's motor skills. Of sturdy construction and manufactured with careful attention to detail to the MAN design, the Air Pump Tow Truck from Dickie Toys is perfect for technically-minded young car enthusiasts. Look forward to seeing your child's eyes light up and being asked lots of questions about how it works - makes learning twice the fun!

  • freewheel toy vehicle
  • pneumatic winch (pump action)
  • supplied with toy car for towing away
  • no batteries required
  • length: 55 cm
  • recommended age: 4-7 years

Pump Action Tow Truck

  • Article number: 203809001
  • Age recommendation: 4 - 7 years
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