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Air Pump Bin Lorry: the rubbish eater!

Rubbish collection with a big truck is always fun to watch. Children can recreate this experience at home with the Air Pump Bin Lorry from Dickie Toys. Modelled on MAN vehicles, the green truck is a carefully detailed scale model of a bin lorry. Rubbish can be emptied out of the toy dustbin into the container, which can be raised and lowered by a pneumatic pump system when the young bin men press the knob or operate the lever. This patented technology means that the bin lorry from Dickie Toys doesn't need any batteries, making it very eco-friendly - how's that for clever waste recycling?! Teach your children environmentally friendly behaviour through play!

  • freewheel toy vehicle
  • pneumatic system for raising and lowering the container (air pump action)
  • with dustbin
  • no batteries required
  • scale 01:24
  • length: 31 cm
  • recommended age: 4-7 years

Air Pump Garbage Truck

  • Article number: 203805000
  • Age recommendation: 4 - 7 years
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