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Air Pump Wood Transporter: forestry adventure!

There's always work to be done in a forest because wood is as popular a building material as ever. The Air Pump Wood Transporter from Dickie Toys is a toy vehicle that gives an innovative insight into this exciting industry. The logging truck has an articulated crane arm with a pneumatic air pump feature which works by pressing a knob or operating a lever - completely without batteries. The wood transporter is supplied with plastic logs. It is modelled on a Freightliner - a real forestry vehicle. The innovative technology makes the truck environmentally friendly and children learn about various physical principles at an early age. Give budding foresters forward-looking toys from Dickie Toys!

  • freewheel toy vehicle
  • pneumatic winch (pump action)
  • no batteries required
  • length: 32 cm
  • recommended age: 4-7 years

Air Pump Forester

  • Article number: 203806001
  • Age recommendation: 4 - 7 years
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