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Air Pump Forklift Truck: transport with the added fun factor!

As soon as they see a forklift, children love the idea of jumping into the driving seat. In the meantime, they can satisfy themselves with simulating the nippy little trucks with the Air Pump Forklift from Dickie Toys. The truck has a moving fork which can be raised and lowered by pushing a button or operating a lever. There's no need for any batteries as the raising and lowering is done by a pneumatic pumping action. That's good for your pocket and the environment. The forklift comes with a pallet made from cardboard, so let the fun begin! Another benefit: the way the forklift operates helps to train the motor skills, because children have to learn how to work the knob and lever for maximum fun. Give the gift of an exciting and educational toy!

  • freewheel toy vehicle
  • pneumatically operated fork (air pump action)
  • with cardboard pallet
  • no batteries required
  • scale 01:24
  • length: 27
  • recommended age: 4-7 years

Air Pump Action Fork Lift

  • Article number: 203805003
  • Age recommendation: 4 - 7 years
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