Fire Fighter: Rescuers without parallel!
With a length of 36 cm and designed with careful attention to detail, the Dickie Toys Fire
Fighter looks impressive. And as soon as the included batteries are inserted, things get even more exciting. Then off the freewheel
fire engine zooms with its realistic light and sound effects, making light work of all kinds of surfaces. The manually operated pump
squirts water and extinguishes any fantasy fires in the playroom. Behind one of the opening side panels are hidden all of the typical
accessories that you associate with fire engines, giving children a great insight into how an emergency vehicle operates. This
unmissable rescue vehicle form the Dickie Toys Large Action range is easy to grasp and makes a perfect gift for children aged three
and over.

• freewheel toy truck
• manual water pump
• opening side panel
• light and sound effects
• batteries: 2x 1.5 V R6
• length: 36 cm
• recommended age: 3+

Fire Fighter

  • Article number: 201137002
  • Age recommendation: 3+
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