Actros and Clark C25: Even better in a set!

Dickie Toys is bringing the world of logistics into the playroom with this toy. The set consisting of the Dickie Toys RC Mercedes-Benz Actros and the Clark C25 fork lift brings together that which belongs together. At 49 cm in length, the Dickie Toys truck and trailer has impressive dimensions. It is equipped with a 27 MHz 3-channel radio remote control for coupling and uncoupling the trailer, full driving functionality in all directions, lighting effect and original sound effects. The speed is adapted so that the vehicle can be accurately manoeuvred in the "loading yard" or the playroom. The highlight of the Mercedes-Benz Actros is the loading flap which can be opened at the side, with which the vehicle can be loaded up to the roof. This is the opportunity that the 24 cm high fork lift has been waiting for, since it is the ideal counterpart to the Mercedes-Benz juggernaut. Equipped with a 40 MHz 3-channel radio remote control for moving the forks up and down, loading the Mercedes becomes an event for father and son. The set includes batteries for the Mercedes-Benz Actors and also the Clark fork lift truck, so that you can get going right away. Both vehicles, which are recommended for children of 6 and over, complement each other perfectly and also provide a great deal of playing enjoyment on their own.

  • Batteries included, vehicle ready to play with as soon as they are inserted
  • Play set with two vehicles with radio remote control (3-channel, 27 MHz and 40 MHz)
  • Set consisting of 201119884 and 201119886
  • Manual and remote-controlled moving elements
  • Fine steering control on vehicle
  • High-performance rubber tyres
  • Speed of up to 4 km/h
  • Scale 1:26
  • Length: 24 cm (Clark) and 49 cm (Mercedes-Benz Actros)
  • Age recommendation: 6-10

RC Mercedes-Benz Actros/Forklift Clark C25, RTR

  • Article number: 201119877
  • Age recommendation: 6 - 10 years
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